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One of the key complaints that we hear is that there are too many passwords to remember. This makes users set up easy-to-guess passwords such as “mypassword” or “fluffypuppies”. In addition, most sites force you to change your passwords and/or use complex passwords meeting security guidelines. Those passwords generally require at the minimum “one number, one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and 8 characters long”. Lastly, there are just too many of them so we all end up forgetting which we used where.

One way to generate good passwords is to think of them as passphrases. Instead of “Lucky2013”, a password such as “LuckyIn LV12-2013!” is much more complex and is still memorable. It will meet all the requirements of length, complexity, and after typing it a few times, it is relatively easy to remember. By using this, you can generate specific phrases for each website such as “Widefeet=pain2014” for a shoe store or “25Kidsintheclass.” for a school website.

Another helpful tool is to use password managers. These are basically password vaults that you unlock with a master password and store your other passwords inside. Some of the most popular ones include PasswordSafe, KeePass, 1Password, and LastPass. The web-based ones such as 1Password and LastPass have integrations into your web browser so you can auto-fill in the password on sites. These also have mobile applications so you can carry your password with you. Lastly, they have password generators that can help make unique passwords that are safe.

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