Managing Logical Volumes

Managing Logical Volumes

Creating Volume Groups

Before we can start creating logical volumes, first we need to initialize some of the disks/partitions that we would like to use as storage and place them into a volume group.

pvcreate <physical devices>
vgcreate <volumeGroupName> <physical devices>

Creating Logical Volumes

Now we simply create logical volumes.

lvcreate -L <size>MGT -n <volume_name> <volumeGroupName>

Now your logical volume can be accessed just like any other block device through the /dev tree at various points




Running dmsetup info -c will show you all logical volumes as well as any partions that may exist within them. Note that all partitions must be deleted before you may remove a volume.


lvextend --size +<size>[MGT] <path-to-lvm>
xfs_growfs <mountpoint>


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