Knowledge Base

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About Us

Our philosophy

As your technology advocates, we listen to your needs and find creative solutions to your problems. You can count on us for friendly, fast service.

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Areas of expertise

Hardware: laptops, desktops, iPads, cell phones, videoconferencing equipment
Software: email clients, web browsers, office productivity software

Optimizing hardware and software
Removing unnecessary applications, updating Windows settings, eliminating viruses and malware, setting up automatic backups, recovering and restoring data

Researching and recommending appropriate solutions
Topics such as mobile data service, web hosting, hardware upgrades, networking issues

Data migration
Moving old data to new PCs, servers, websites

Updates, maintenance, design, planning, custom programming, hosting

Installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting for wired and wireless networks (personal and business), remote access to computers and networks

Installing appropriate software and hardware, securely erasing old hard drives

Strategic planning
Assessing current and future technology needs

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